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Why you need to Invest In Property by using

Proven Strategy


You are now standing at the place you are now.
We commit to your success by leading you to move forward and achieve the FINANCIAL G-O-A-L-S that you might have stuck in your mind and facing deadlock now.

By doing PROPERTY INVESTMENT could be your own passive income sources in your life. The property is a tool for you to achieve the things that are beyond yourselves.

We want to show you the impossibilities in yourselves that you might not be realized you are actually having a strong inner sound that asking you to fight for your future. No more waiting and seeing.

From Zero to Million is just a number game. HOWEVER, don't simply play your life like a Game.

The Zero To Million(ZTM) is a one-day event designed to give you the tools on achieving your financial freedom through property investment, to help you understood what's exactly property investment is and practice how you can invest property even though you are just a salary earner.

We bring you the most practical property investor master who has understand the whole Malaysia's market at the same time invested more than 100 properties in 9 years no matter the market is up or down.

Organized by CORE Investors, the Community Of Real Estate Investors, the leader in property investment education, this 1-Day Zero To Million will lighten your financial life through property investment, and how you can become property investor, make your money work harder for you than ever before!

Understand what's the mistakes that majority of investors do, and how you can avoid it

Understand the strategy behind the investment and how you can invest property safety and consistently


7 Steps to Financial Freedom through property investment


How to invest property without using your cash ? Start from zero knowledge, zero capital and make your first million in 3 years

Why and how to build your investment network

How to identify which property is good, which property is bad. Besides location, what's the key we should focus on ?


Why most of the people out there did not making money from property investment? All are about formulas, how we can maximize the profits and minimize the risks

How to buy 20-40% below market value? Buy based on what's the true value, not the price given!

Meet Rachel Lim, 

Property Investor & Speaker

9 years ago, upon learning property investing, Rachel invested in more than RM 9.48 MILLION worth of properties, and achieved her financial freedom in just 2 years.

Today, called her as one of Malaysia‚Äôs most successful property investors, who is STILL making money in a tough market when many others are not.

She has tried Forex, Stock and share, MLM at her younger age. But at the end, she still believe that property investment is the best tools to create her wealth. She came out an unique property investment strategy which can help you to be better investors than 99% out there. Are you ready to get started?

Most Investors Just Aren't Aware Of These
Cutting Edge Strategies...

I remember the first time I ever invested a property.

For many years I have been tried so many things like Forex, Stock & Shares and even start a Business. 

I thought to myself "As long as I put my 100% hard work, my effort will return to me in positive way and create wealth at the same time".

Sound similar like what you thinking, right ?

When it was time to operate the lok lok business, and I thought it going to be smooth and easy, be a boss and wait for money coming in. But, things are not as good as i think.

I worked from morning 6am to midnight 2am, my staffs didn't show up on time, sales not good, and many many....

It was struggled. It was depress. It's like living in the cold and dark room. No light in my life.

After struggling few months, my husband ask me to attend a property seminar and I said "No!" to him. Because at that point of time, I don't believe "I can invest in property", "Property is for rich".

But as a supportive wife, I accompany my husband attend the property seminar and my life was changed since then. 

I realised property investment is way stable then any other investment tools and is so easy to understand. And the most crazy thing is I start to believe "Property Investment Is No Longer For Rich Only, Is For ME!".

As I continue the journey of practicing the same strategy over and over again. From totally sucking initially in my life, I have master this game.

It take 9 years for me to start from Zero property and invested more than 100 properties as of now.

Now, after years of practicing... years of sharing on hundreds of stages, I've discovered on some of the most effective, and little known strategies to make million dollar from property investment.

I've now been able to share my knowledge and experience to ten and thousands of people and trained them to become Millionaire through Property Investment all over Malaysia.

If there's one thing I've learned in this journey, is that success is learnable and trainable skill.

If you're ever wanted to discover how to invest property in a way that's allow you start from zero knowledge, zero capital & zero experience, then this seminar is for you.

This seminar will reveal the exact same strategies that has generated me well over $10MM ++ through property investment... and how you can do it too.

The proper way to grow and scale

You will need a scientific way to find good property, manage cash flow and master the art of financing to grow your investment portfolio.

Master the art of the loan financing and get the unlimited loan over and over again

The 3 Components That Every Property Investors MUST Master :

There are 3 components that you have to extremely understand and apply it to the real life. If you are lack of any one of it, you are just property buyer, not investor.

Find the diamond property where can give you capital appreciation and rental at the same time

Cash flow is the blood in property investment. Understand how to get profit from each property and invest property consistently



"I get expose to whole new world, teach me and expand my point of view, so that make the real estate investment can be done by every part of people" - Mohd Zaid

I knew that there are methods to actually achieve your goal in much faster way. If I wouldn't join, I'm just normal buyer, not investor. - Jasmeet

"From a jobless mother turn into property investor, 8 properties just in 3 months" - Nor Azlina

Let's See What Our Past Participants Said

So, I'd like to end this letter where we started...

One strategy away from :

You're just ONE strategy away...

Then get your tickets now. They may not be here tomorrow. 

But I KNOW, The People, The Strategy, The Skill, The Idea that get you there, will all be in "Zero To Million"

We ONLY Have 100 Tickets At Each City.

If you're ready to commit and go all in... then we are here, with waiting arms, ready to help take you where you want to go. 

I am not sure what strategy will take off for you...

But, NOW is the time.  

If you KNOW that you're just 1 strategy away, and you're ready to take that leap of faith...

CORE Investors currently has almost 10,000 active members...


9.00am - 6.00pm

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7 July 2018 (Saturday)

Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ

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